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Abdelrahman Saber


EGYMAP: Unlocking the Gateway to Franchise Success.

EGYMAP is a leading franchise agency, specializing in assisting businesses with expanding their operations through franchising. Franchising offers an effective way to grow while minimizing risk and capital expenditure.


Our expert team at EGYMAP recognizes the complexities of the franchising process. We work closely with clients, providing comprehensive support from market research to site selection to legal documentation. We help businesses find suitable franchise opportunities and deliver tailored solutions.


Franchising empowers businesses to leverage established brand recognition and operational expertise. Franchisees gain from established reputations, marketing campaigns, and operational support, while franchisors benefit from brand expansion and increased revenue streams.


EGYMAP has successfully established franchises across various industries, including renowned names like Second Cup, Heart Attack, DADDY’S Burger, and more. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and results is evident through our extensive network of clients and partners.


Our services extend to commercial real estate, encompassing buying, selling, leasing, property management, investment, and valuation services. We work closely with clients to provide customized solutions, aiding businesses in expansion, guiding investors, and accurately valuing properties.


In summary, franchising is an attractive model for business expansion. EGYMAP specializes in franchise agencies, offering the support and expertise needed for successful franchising endeavors. Whether you’re a business looking to franchise or a prospective franchisee, EGYMAP has the resources to help you achieve your goals.