Arab Franchise Times

Abeer Jalih

Founder & CEO of the National Franchise Company & the
International Franchise Exhibition “InFranchise”.

“Franchising eliminates geographical boundaries.” Saudi Arabia is a center of attraction for many investments in various fields, and franchising in the kingdom represents 60% (sixty percent) of the Arab market. Today, local brands in various countries have been able to lead in their geographic areas and beyond, achieving excellence and working to develop strong strategies for expansion and reaching the global market. This is done by achieving the most
important equation to reach the basic standards for the success of every brand.
We started as a franchising company in 2018 and have since created a platform that brings trademark owners together in one place through franchising exhibitions and meetings. Our company is one of the first to support this sector in Saudi Arabia and has contributed to many local and international markets by helping entrepreneurs. We have a strong foundation in this industry and aim to support entrepreneurship by creating job opportunities through franchising and helping new investors obtain their successful projects
and benefit from this important sector.
The franchising system has provided many opportunities today, and the Saudi Arabian government has given all its attention to the growth of this sector. The General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises and the establishment of the Franchise Center have simplified many difficult paths for entrepreneurs and trademark owners. Today, we see all sectors actively expanding by granting franchise opportunities. Artificial intelligence has also been able to shorten many paths to quickly reach brands with significant growth towards
progress outside their geographical boundaries.
Today, the world recognizes with great awareness the importance of the smart franchising sector, which has simplified the investment process for investors and made it easier for them to choose from successful project models. Our team at National Franchises Company works to assist everyone by providing consultations, solutions, development, and correcting business paths in order to contribute to the creation of success stories that can reach advanced stages and inspire achievements. Local and international exhibitions are also considered among the most important markets for integration, partnerships, and providing the necessary platform for the brand to appear as it should be for entrepreneurs and investors. Therefore, after the continuous successes in this industry, we will continue to provide many important international platforms aimed at achieving a pioneering business environment in the franchising industry.