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Iqbal Taj


Live Life Embrace Active Living, Transforming UAE intothe Most Active Nation!

Live Life LLC is on a mission to promote active living and healthy habits among students
in the UAE.
In a world dominated by digital gadgets and tablets, Live Life recognizes the importance of physical activity and its impact on overall well-being.
With a focus on sports, Live Life aims to instill a love for physical exercise, teamwork, and self-confidence in students. They believe that sports not only provide enjoyment but also teach important life lessons such as perseverance and sportsmanship.
T h r o u g h collaborations with schools, Live Life offers sports coaching programs within the school premises.

As the Master Franchisee of Sports Star Academy, they strive to take physical fitness and sports participation to new heights.
By engaging students in daily, weekly, or monthly sports activities, Live Life contributes to building a healthier nation.
Live Life is committed to breaking the cycle of sedentary lifestyles and promoting an active and fulfilling life for UAE students. By providing opportunities for students to engage in sports, they help students develop lifelong habits of physical well-being and a winning spirit.

Join Live Life LLC in their mission to empower students
and create a healthier future for the UAE.
We invite you to join this movement and together, let us transform our nation into the most active nation in the world.