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Haneen Ammar

Haneen Ammar CEO of F&B pillars in Iraq. Navigating International Business Expansion From my point of view, as an Iraqi entrepreneur from Generation Z in the private sector, the Iraqi market nowadays is a treasure! It attracts investments from various sectors. As ambitious as they are, the youth in this country seek opportunities that shed […]

Deborah Roider issue3

Deborah Roider Professional Commercial &business EngineerFranchise Director in F&B pillars Customization in Franchising: Tailoring Success to the Target Market. iN the fiercely competitive world of franchising, success hinges on customization. Tailoring various aspects of the businessmodel, products, services, and marketing to the unique preferences and demands of the target market is essential for thriving in […]

Walaa Moursy Suppliers & Vendors

Walaa Moursy Business Developing DirectorXR consultant / IT-Corner Driving Success in Micro Franchising IN recent years, the food and beverage industry has experienced a tech revolution with Extended Reality (XR). XR, encompassing Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR), is set to redefine dining experiences. Immersive Culinary Experiences: Chefs can explore virtual […]

Malika Lamamra Suppliers & Vendors

Malika Lamamra International DevelopmentDirector “Runo: Empowering Franchise Growth Ethi- cally & Innovatively” If you’re seeking franchise opportunities, franchisee recruitment, or business expansion, Runo offers innovative and ethical franchising solutions tailored to your goals.   As members of the Quality Franchise Association (QFA) in the UK, we’re dedicated to ethical franchising practices. We’re also country associates […]

Afia Begum Suppliers & Vendors

Afia Begum CEO- F&B Pillars UK Alyf: Transforming Financial Management for Businesses Afia Begum, a seasoned Chartered Certified Accountant with 19 years of experience, spearheads Alyf, an accountancy firm. With its base in the UK and branches in the UAE, KSA, and Egypt, Alyf has rapidly achieved recognition. Afia Begum’s vision birthed Alyf in 2022, […]

Dr. Amr Moustafa Abd El Aziez Suppliers & Vendors

Amr Moustafa Abd El Aziez Doctoral Of Business Administration – MBA Eslsca ParisCEO Amr Moustafa Hospitality Management Solutions HMS Toward a Sustainable Kitchen in Restaurant, Café, Hotels, and Hospital Catering In our interconnected world, finite resources could someday run out. It’s a formidable challenge, but striving to minimize water and electricity consumption and curb food […]

Abdelrahman Saber issue3

Abdelrahman Saber CEO of EGYMAP EGYMAP: Unlocking the Gateway to Franchise Success. EGYMAP is a leading franchise agency, specializing in assisting businesses with expanding their operations through franchising. Franchising offers an effective way to grow while minimizing risk and capital expenditure.   Our expert team at EGYMAP recognizes the complexities of the franchising process. We […]

Donne Salazar issue3

Donne Salazar Senior Sales Executive The Evolving Landscape of Mixology and Beverage Innovation in UAE Dubai’s beverage mocktails scene is a hub of innovation and creativity. Mixologists have the opportunity to showcase their talents as the market embraces new trends, promising a bright future. Being part of the Muddle Me team grants access to innovative […]

Angelina Sm issue3

Angelina Sm Sales and Marketing Manager Navigating International Business Expansion Embarking on international business endeavors comes with its own set of challenges, demanding an intricate understanding of local markets. Each country’s unique blend of mentality, economic factors, legislation, and cultural traditions adds complexity to the equation. While venturing into the global arena requires substantial investment, […]

Ahmed Abdelbasset issue3

Ahmed Abdelbasset Pastry consultant chef at F&B Pillars &Development chef at Cold Stone The Optimal Bakery and Pastry Franchise Model   In the realm of franchising, the bakery and pastry sector presents an enticing opportunity. To excel in this industry, a winning franchise model emerges with distinct characteristics.   Signature Recipes and Unique Offerings: A […]