Arab Franchise Times

Charlie Mander

CO Founder & Group C.O.O at Pressman & Collard
London, Dubai, Riyadh.

“The Food & Beverage Franchise Market in the UK The food and beverage market in the United Kingdom is one of the largest and most dynamic markets in Europe. It’s a highly competitive sector, but one with immense potential for growth through franchise partnerships and license agreements.
When it comes to the food and beverage industry, the UK has been a leader in innovation, growth and market share for many years. This is largely due to its established infrastructure and global connections, making it one of the most attractive markets in Europe.
The UK food and beverage market has seen steady growth over recent years as consumers continue to look for more diverse options when it comes to their dietary choices.
This has created an opportunity for businesses in the sector to capitalise on these new trends. The market is also seeing an increase in demand for healthier options with plant-based diets becoming increasingly popular. There is also potential for growth in the convenience foods market as people have less time available to shop or cook meals from scratch. This provides an opportunity for companies offering convenient solutions such as ready meals or pre-packaged snacks.
Franchising within the UK remains to be a buoyant market and has seen a 46% growth over the last 10 years, contributing USD$18billion to the UK Economy per year. As an overview of the franchise sector, it is estimated that 97% of franchisees are running profit with a total of around 48,000 businesses within the franchise sector. In comparison to other markets, the UK Franchising Market is dominated by individual and cluster franchisees which is proven
that 33% of UK Franchisees are now multi unit operators.
As a international franchise consultancy with offices in London, Dubai and Riyadh, we are seeing an increasing demand from the Middle Eastern market for acquisition of UK founded F&B brands to expand across the MENA Region through master and area developer franchises. We have successful integrated brands into the Region such as EL&N, Maya Bay, Philippe Chow and many more.