Arab Franchise Times

Amr Moustafa Abd El Aziez

Doctoral Of Business Administration – MBA Eslsca Paris
CEO Amr Moustafa Hospitality Management Solutions HMS

Toward a Sustainable Kitchen in Restaurant, Café, Hotels, and Hospital Catering

In our interconnected world, finite resources could someday run out. It’s a formidable challenge, but striving to minimize water and electricity consumption and curb food waste in production and consumption is a noble pursuit. Empowering our community and tending to our staff’s needs are vital for nurturing a sustainable food safety culture.

Building a sustainable kitchen system involves innovating processes across all kitchen functions to steer toward a greener kitchen. Preserving lives and safeguarding resources for future generations is a shared responsibility in the food industry, necessitating ongoing training and heightened awareness, fortified by a food safety management system. Implementing my sustainable kitchen project, developed during my doctoral studies, in collaboration with customers, staff, and patients in restaurants, hotels, and hospitals, is of paramount importance.

“Sustainability” is the watchword for the food business’s future, spanning restaurants, cafés, hotels, and hospital catering. Project leaders are committed to establishing a “green kitchen” in a department that presents significant challenges.

Creating a sustainable kitchen in the food business involves maintaining all operational processes, including saving water and electricity and reducing the amount of labor required. Objectives include waste segregation, efficient waste management for used oil to protect the environment, and addressing the significant issue of food waste. Approximately one-third of meals from food businesses go to waste, making it imperative to investigate and reduce this waste. Projection tools have proven helpful in minimizing waste during kitchen production. Additionally, replacing plastic containers with paper materials, installing plants on spacious rooftops to increase oxygen levels and reduce carbon emissions, and introducing organic vegetables into the menu are all part of the plan to assist the environment in its recovery.