Arab Franchise Times

Haneen Ammar

CEO of F&B pillars in Iraq.

Navigating International Business Expansion

From my point of view, as an Iraqi entrepreneur from Generation Z in the private sector, the Iraqi market nowadays is a treasure! It attracts investments from various sectors.

As ambitious as they are, the youth in this country seek opportunities that shed light on the investment sector in Iraq. This is due to the abundance of raw materials that can be employed to provide financial returns for investors and, in turn, offer the required services with in Iraq. Due to the rapid growth of the marketing sector in Iraq,
the majority of international companies and brands have begun to expand their projects on

Iraqi territory. Moreover, they have shown interest in investing in the young Iraqi minds with intellectual competence.

In recent years, large-scale architectural campaigns have commenced throughout the country.

These campaigns have significantly enhanced the private sector and increased its profits,resulting in Iraq becoming an increasingly competitive market.

We eagerly anticipate the arrival of new companies and investors to this land, ready to harness the energy of our youth in the right way. So, we await your presence

and partnership with great enthusiasm.