Arab Franchise Times

Kate Saw

Franchise consultant & CEO F&B Pillars Australia & Asia.

“The food service market in Australia is a robust industry valued at US$57 billion, with an expected compound annual growth rate of 5.16% over the next five years. The market is influenced by cross-cultural dietary patterns, as well as consumers preference for fast and convenient food, and their growing awareness of healthy eating.
These factors have led to new businesses offering healthier options and meat alternatives in a saturated market. Fast food restaurants are also focusing on
quality ingredients and gourmet options to meet the demands of the growing foodie culture.
Online delivery of fast food is also growing in popularity, driven by the widespread use of smartphone apps. However, the high commission fees associated with these delivery services have limited their positive impact on profits. Despite this limitation, retailers are expected to continue using them as a means of reaching new customers. Tourism has also contributed to the growth of Australia’s food service industry, with foreign food service providers entering the market and offering customers a wide variety of multi-cuisine options. This presents an opportunity for new flavors and food concepts in franchising.
Overall, the Australian economy, with its low unemployment rate, stable currency, and high standards of living, provides a favorable environment for businesses to grow and succeed. Profit margins for fast food and takeaway food services are expected to climb to 7.3% annually, indicating a promising future for the industry.
In conclusion, the food service market in Australia is a dynamic and diverse industry with a bright future. Businesses that focus on quality ingredients, healthier options, and innovative concepts are likely to thrive in this growing market. Additionally, online delivery services and the influx of foreign food service providers offer exciting opportunities for growth and expansion.