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Malika Lamamra

International Development

“Runo: Empowering Franchise Growth Ethi- cally & Innovatively”

If you’re seeking franchise opportunities, franchisee recruitment, or business expansion, Runo offers innovative and ethical franchising solutions tailored to your goals.


As members of the Quality Franchise Association (QFA) in the UK, we’re dedicated to ethical franchising practices. We’re also country associates of The World Franchise Associates (WFA), enabling us to assist international franchisors entering the UK and helping UK franchisors expand globally.


Our services encompass franchise recruitment, business expansion, and small business and franchise training programs. We’re passionate about crafting innovative solutions for visionary individuals with big dreams.


International Expansion


With firsthand experience in expanding brands across borders, we understand the complexities involved. Adapting and aligning a brand for success in a new country requires careful consideration. Thorough investigation is essential to avoid potential reputation and financial risks.


How Runo Does It


We prioritize our clients’ needs and tailor solutions accordingly. At Runo, it’s all about the client, and gaining a comprehensive understanding of their current situation and objectives is paramount.