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Muhammet Akdere

Founder at AKART

Successful Franchises Need The Power of Design

AKART is a London based studio specializing in interior design, brand
development, and manufacturing services, with a specific focus on the food and beverage industry. With a proven track record of working with well-known franchised brands in the UK market, AKART understands the importance of design in achieving franchise success.
In the rapidly growing F&B sector, design plays a pivotal role in creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing spaces
that seamlessly blend with functionality.
AKART thrives in this dynamic industry, constantly pushing creative boundaries and exploring endless possibilities.
At AKART, we believe in a holistic approach to experience design. Our philosophy encompasses every aspect of a restaurant project, engaging all departments within our organization, including architectural design, branding, manufacturing, and franchise expertise. By adopting this 360-degree approach, we ensure a comprehensive and cohesive brand concept that meets the specific needs and goals of franchise businesses.
Our core team consists of professionals with backgrounds in architecture,
design, and engineering. Their diverse expertise and experience in the UK, Turkey, and UAE markets allow us to bring a global perspective to our projects while respecting local values.
With extensive experience in creating franchise design guidelines, we guarantee brand consistency while providing flexibility for individual franchisees.
We understand the importance of maintaining a strong and
recognizable brand image across different regions and markets.
AKART understands the unique challenges and opportunities that come
with franchising. Drawing on our expertise in working with franchise models, we help businesses develop consistent and scalable design solutions that align with their brand identity and meet the requirements of multiple locations.
By integrating franchise expertise into our holistic approach, we provide tailored solutions that support the growth and success of franchise businesses.

Whether you are expanding your franchise or enhancing the design of existing locations, AKART is here to guide you through the process and deliver exceptional results.
Contact us today to explore how the power of design can drive the success of your franchise.