Arab Franchise Times

Yeseen Baksh

Principal Strategy Director

Unlocking Business Growth in the GCC Region: Franchising for Success

Welcome to the thriving business landscape of the GCC region, where franchising drives growth. As an expert in consulting and coaching, I’ll
share insights and trends, highlighting the potential for business expansion.
Join me as we explore the benefits of my program, empowering entrepreneurs in launching and scaling businesses with confidence.

The GCC region, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar, experiences an economic boom.
Franchising provides established brands, proven models, and support systems, minimizing risks. The GCC franchising sector boasts a remarkable annual growth rate of over 27%.

Spotting trends, the food and beverage industry caters to diverse populations and vibrant tourism. Retail and fashion tap into the growing middle class and demand for luxury. Health and wellness
cater to the GCC’s focus on well-being.
Through my program, entrepreneurs navigate challenges and seize opportunities.
I assist with market research, business planning, operational excellence, franchise development, and networking.
Franchising drives business growth in the flourishing GCC region. 
Join my program to launch and scale successful ventures.